Keep On Track With A To-Do List & A Nightly Procedure

ProductivityStaying on track to achieve your goal can be difficult. Every day, you are surrounded by distractions – children (in my case guinea pigs) clamouring for attention, the doorbell, e-mail, that smartphone, Facebook, Twitter, and on and on. So, how can you ensure that every day is a productive day?

There are two tools… and no, they are not some kind of hi-tech software solution – just simple, analog, pre-computer, pen and paper To-Do lists. Click here to download a PDF To-Do list that you can print out. The paper To-Do list can be put on a clipboard, and can be placed where you will see it all day long and ensure you complete the tasks. And, yes, it feels good and motivational when you physically check off a completed task.

The second tool is a nightly procedure. Every night, preferably just before you head off to the land of sleep, take five minutes to come up with six tasks to complete tomorrow. These should be tasks that will move your business forward. For example: “Take screenshots of steps to set up a Facebook ad,” “write the introduction to guide,” “brainstorm headlines for sales page,” or other productive tasks.

Decide which tasks are most important and mark them as “high priority” on your To-Do list. Tomorrow, don’t start with the easy tasks that you like to do – accomplish the high-priority tasks first.

Now, quit reading here and get to work. Accomplish your six tasks for today!


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