Kevin Riley Publishing is a home-based publisher of how-to guides, manuals, and home study courses. We create physical books, electronic books, video tutorials, CD-ROM study courses, and online workshops to help entrepreneurs and small businesses succeed on the Internet. We teach Internet marketing, information product creation, and affiliate marketing techniques with very detailed, step-by-step teaching materials – all presented in a manner that makes them easy for even total beginners to follow.

Kevin Riley has been building and running business ventures for over 30 years. In 1994, he built his first commercial website and, over the next decade, applied all his experience and skills from the offline business world to the Internet. He is well known for his very detailed, step-by-step method of instruction and effective teaching skills.

Hailed as a creator of high-quality info products, a superior teacher, and an innovative marketer, Kevin has even been asked a number of times to hold workshops on Internet marketing’s number one forum, the Warrior Forum. His skills as a teacher, and his ability to remove the technical barriers and complexities that hold many back from making a living online, have helped many get a good start in doing business on the Internet .

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